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Headshot of Jeff Harris. Managing Director of Succession Limited

I’m Jeff Harris.

I have access to the whole of the Bridging and Development loan marketplace, and I am able to undertake difficult cases.

Some of the areas I specialise in are:

  • Refurbishing for profit 100% costs
  • 95% joint venture finance for projects
  • Re-broking of current Bridging Loan
  • Rates from 0.25% pm


AS 27•08•2019

Jeff is an inspiration to everyone who wants to become a property developer. I have recommended him to all my friends and neighbours. Thank you.

TH 28•08•2019

Would recommend Very friendly, helpful, efficient and supportive. Jeff never gives up. The sort of person you want in your corner.

Succession Limited Finance Options

Defaulted bridging loans
Access to the top 7 lenders
Development funding up to 75% gdv
100% of day 1 & 100% of build costs

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Making sure you have your auction finance in place at the best rates possible gives you peace of mind and confidence.

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Extra cash flow when you need it no security needed on amounts up to £85,000.

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Equity Release can be used to Buy a Business or another Property. Your current mortgage will be cleared as part of your Equity Release mortgage. You do not have to make repayments on an Equity Release mortgage.

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A house being built, close to completion, the garden is being  created by workmen
Jeff Harris delivering a workshop in bridging and development finance


Jeff has 32 years experience in Financial Services over 6,000 clients & Personally Owns 32 Properties

Jeff has built several multi-million-pound businesses​s from scratch, such as the Claims Management Company,
“No Win No fee Ltd”.